, August 17, 2022

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  Jul 28, 2022

On-chain Vs. Off-chain Transaction: Difference Explained.

On-chain transactions are cryptocurrency transactions that take place on the blockchain and are validated by the integrity of the network. Off-chain transactions refer to those that happen away from the blockchain. They involve a third party who acts as a guarantee....

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  Jun 29, 2022

Solana vs Avalanche: Which is The Actual ETH Killer?

Solana is currently a bigger network than Avalanche, having experienced massive usage from the crowd community; perhaps, if the Avalanche network is put to the test, we can say for sure whether it beats Solana or not....

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  Jun 06, 2022


...to invest in the lightning network, you must become involved in the network participation of an LN-compatible blockchain by creating a lightning node. A lightning node is a computing unit that interacts with the main blockchain network....

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  May 28, 2022

State Channels Explained

A state channel is a smart contract that allows off-chain transactions by enforcing strict rules that either party must agree to by signing off on it; this signature can be cryptographically proven on the Blockchain....

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  May 20, 2022


Layer-2 solutions are created to help scale a blockchain by processing transactions of the mainnet Blockchain. Unlike Layer-1 solutions, they do not require any changes or forks to the Blockchain’s protocol; they work with the mainnet to achieve scalability....

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