, August 17, 2022

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  Aug 16, 2022

My Crypto Wallet Has Been Hacked, What Should I Do?

If you still have some leftover tokens in the compromised wallet, the first thing to do is to take them all out; a single hack puts your wallet vulnerable to future assaults, and ongoing use may expose your money to greater danger...

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  Jul 20, 2022

Hardware Vs. Software Wallet

The best wallet for you depends on your requirement. If you intend to keep your assets for a long time, the hardware wallet is a sensible choice. However, a software wallet is an ideal option if you're a trader who needs quick access to monitor trades & switch your assets....

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  Jul 01, 2022

DeFi hack losses over $2.1bn in 2022: Any hope for DeFi security?

Of course, audits help to reduce the chances of vulnerability. However, they aren’t a foolproof method of avoiding malicious attacks. So, away from audits, -DeFi protocols should invest more in cybersecurity -DeFi Protocols should organize lucrative bug bounties...

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  Jun 01, 2022

Comparing Hardware Wallet: Ledger vs. Trezor

Ledger and Trezor are two of the world's leading crypto hardware wallet manufacturers. These USB-like devices securely hold your private key, making them far more secure than web wallets and software wallets....

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  May 13, 2022

How to Use a Hardware Wallet?

Custodial and non-custodial wallets do not ensure the absolute protection of your crypto assets; it's critical to consider the optimal security option that does not involve keeping your funds online. The most practical way to protect your crypto asset from digital theft is using a hardware wallet....

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  May 10, 2022

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): All You Need To Know

With the continuous rise in data breaches and information theft that has compromised individuals, small businesses, and large corporations, it is only natural that you safeguard your information and accounts with an additional layer of security to the present credential-based system security....

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