, July 06, 2022

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  Jul 06, 2022

What is SocialFi?

SocialFi integrates and combines decentralized finance (DeFi) and social networking on blockchain technology. SocialFi platforms provide a decentralized method for developing, operating, and owning social media platforms and the content provided by its users....

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  Jul 01, 2022

DeFi hack losses over $2.1bn in 2022: Any hope for DeFi security?

Of course, audits help to reduce the chances of vulnerability. However, they aren’t a foolproof method of avoiding malicious attacks. So, away from audits, -DeFi protocols should invest more in cybersecurity -DeFi Protocols should organize lucrative bug bounties...

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  Jun 30, 2022

Total Value Locked (TVL) in Cryptocurrency Explained

Total value locked (TVL) is the total value of all assets deposited in DeFi protocols that have earned rewards, interest, new coins and tokens, fixed income, etc. This means TVL is the number of users' funds deposited in a DeFi protocol....

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  Jun 29, 2022


A rug pull is a common cryptocurrency scam that involves creating a new token, and marketing it to develop public interest, thereby pumping the price....

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  Jun 13, 2022

CeFi vs. DeFi -What is the difference?

CeFi (centralized finance) & DeFi (Decentralized Finance) both have the same goal, i.e., decentralization by giving individuals access to the financial system. However, they achieve these goals in different ways....

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  Jun 02, 2022

Understanding Liquidity Pools in DeFi

Liquidity refers to the ability to purchase and sell assets in the market without generating significant price changes. A liquidity pool is a supply of funds locked in a smart contract and used to facilitate decentralized trading, lending, and other activities....

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  May 29, 2022

What is Yield Farming?

Yield farming is the technique of maximizing returns through decentralized finance (DeFi). On a DeFi network, users lend or borrow cryptocurrency and receive cryptocurrency in exchange for their services....

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  May 26, 2022


Initially, security tokens were not tokenized on the blockchain as ERC-1400; instead, they were tokenized as ERC-20. ERC-20 token standard could not sufficiently fulfill the typical regulations of securities; since they had to be fully unregulated and decentralized to maintain their standard....

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  May 16, 2022

APY in DeFi: Explained

With DeFi growing daily, you can invest and earn without going through complicated procedures. However, you must keep track of how your investments are performing and the percentage increase you are earning on each DeFi protocol asset....

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  Apr 22, 2022

Exploring DeFi To Make Profits: A Beginner's Guide

With decentralized finance (DeFi), you have access to a whole new world of opportunities–to generate passive income–without the need to sell your valuable coins or trade every up, down, or sideways trend. DeFi allows investors to invest and earn without going through complicated measures....

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  Mar 17, 2022

A to Z Cryptocurrency Glossary

Learn the most important blockchain and cryptocurrency terminology and jargon here. This list is updated regularly....

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