, August 11, 2022

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  Aug 10, 2022

How To Set Up A Unique QR Code For My Bitcoin Wallet

Without knowledge of Barcodes and the underlying technology, you can create a tip box for FREE via CCTIP. All you need to do is download the mobile app or sign up via the desktop version, and then follow these steps to create your tip box....

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  Aug 09, 2022

Can I send Bitcoin to Someone Who Doesn't Have a Crypto Wallet?

With CCTIP, you can help your family and friends get their first-ever crypto assets via simple bot commands on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. A simple tweet such as “@cctip_com tip 0.1 BTC @elonmusk” will immediately send 0.1 Bitcoin to Elon Musk...

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  Jul 24, 2022

How To Accept Crypto Tips And Donations on Twitch? [2022]

Step-by-step guide to adding cryptocurrency tips/ donations to your stream. Take donations in the form of bitcoin, ethereum, and more. Twitch Streamers can safely accept them as tips & donations. You can use CCTIP to receive your tips & donations on Twitch....

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  Jul 19, 2022

Risk Management in Cryptocurrency: Tips & Tricks

Understanding the numerous risks associated with the cryptocurrency market is critical to building a well-balanced portfolio. However, it is crucial to realize that you cannot totally eliminate the risk associated with cryptocurrencies, as human errors and other factors can also be risked....

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